Hi! My name is Rin. I draw my OCs and fanart sometimes.

Also I go to Art Center.

ask me to draw things!

Regular blog~
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i hate my friends for making me start this anime because i cant stop

also i got new brushes so testing them out 

i may or may not have a 7 page essay due tomorrow. oh well

its finals week but procrastinating so dumb sketches ok bye 

shes such a bae

punk delinquent levi and policeman erwin

Anonymous asked:
Omg your Jamie is so cute uwu who do you ship Jamie with??

Jack of course! But I wouldn’t mind a male Elsa because damn that boy is fine. 

jamie for my rp account yepyepyep

trying out a new style. i guess i like it?

pastel goth snk gays i guess


I forgot to post this last term but this was a Halloween themed drawing.